from	Ralp <>
date	Wed, May 26, 2010 at 12:31 AM
subject	Looking for creative urologist for private consultations (North-west, Boston-metro)

>    Looking for creative urologist for private consultations.

Hi gigs-yjqq4, that's not me but I wanted to share with you the story of what I
figured was going on here.

So basically, you're a business man, inspired by a great idea.  I can't say how
it first came to you, and maybe neither can you, but you know it will make you
millions: The World's First Adults-Only Piss-Themed Waterpark.  You just need
to find someone to help brainstorm some more ideas for it.

I understand the need for consultations to be kept private, since I'm sure
you're at least a little worried about your great idea being stolen before you
can get it off the ground.  I would be too, but don't worry, your plans are
safe with me!  I get the feeling you're REALLY excited about this piss-themed
waterpark, even though maybe you're not even into golden showers.

But so far the only idea that's come to mind is a giant dick-shaped water slide
with yellow water tinting.  You've been racking your brain on how to fill out
the rest of the attractions since you don't really like piss that much
yourself.  So only a private consultation will do, and the guy or gal better be
creative.  You guys have got a whole waterpark to design!

And maybe you're a little uneasy about piss fetishists themselves too, and you
probably might get creeped out by the reaction if you tell one of them your
idea, even in a private consultation.  It stands to reason, only a professional
urologist will do.  There's probably a lot of other serious urology matters to
discuss too.  How much actual piss can be supplied to/by the customers while
remaining compliant with health codes?  Will lifeguards need special golden
training?  And above all, what's the best and safest way to keep the yellow
pisswater with a fresh-from-the-urethra taste and smell?

Anyway gigs-yjqq4, I wish you only the best of luck in your endeavors. Never
give up the dream!

Love, Ralp

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