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Evil Villains of Eternia

Skeletor, Lord of Snake Mountain
CE Lich Eternian
Medium immortal (augmented humanoid, undead)
Battle Sorcerer 4 / Paladin of Slaughter 2 / Abjurant Champion 5 / Spellsword 1 / Eldritch Knight 8
Havoc Staff
As staff of the magi
Screeech, Skeletor’s familiar
NE Bionic Falcon
Small construct (mechanical, augmented animal)
Tech abilities (Crafter level 7th) — Daily battery capacity: 10
  • 1 energy — warning shout
  • 1 energy — rueful noise (as the Bard spell joyful noise)
  • 3 energy — shatter (DC 16)
  • 3 energy — dissonant chant (DC 16)
  • 7 energy — shout (DC 18)
TN Feral Warbeast Dire Panther
Large animal HD 13d10
LE Eternian
Sorcerer 8 / Tainted Scholar 10
Sorcerer variant: Evil domain access (CC)
Beast Man, Savage Henchman
Feral Gargun
CE Ogre
Medium monster HD 2d10
Barbarian 3 / Beastmaster 10
Barbarian variant: Wolf totem (CC)
NE Locathah
Medium humanoid (aquatic) HD 2d8
Druid 10 / Nature’s Warrior 5
Trap Jaw
NE Bionic Eternian, Demon bloodline (minor)
Martial Rogue 4 / Bloodline 1 / Cyberwarrior* 10
  • advanced artificial jaw
  • body repair weave
  • external weapon mount
  • feat plexus
  • fortified skeleton
  • prosthetic enhancer (jaw)
  • subcutaneous body armor
NE Lizardfolk
Medium monster HD 2d10
Monk 6 / Scaled Horror 5
Monk style: Hand and foot (UA)
Monk variant: Decisive strike (PH2)
CE Scorpionfolk
Medium monster (extraplanar) HD 5d10
Thayan Gladiator 9
As an action figure, Clawful was a crab-man; and in the Filmation cartoon he looked like some sort of reptile. My version makes him a scorpionman, the same race as Scorpia. This gives him a tail; but he has (obviously) focused more on using his claws, and Scorpia more on using her tail.
LE Eternian
Scout 3 / Kineticist 5 / Psiwarp Sniper 3
CE Aranea
Medium alien (extraplanar) HD 3d6
Rogue 2 / Thief-Acrobat 5 / Uncanny Trickster 3
NE Spiker (medium aberration)
Fighter 2 / Monk 5 / Black Blood Cultist 6
Blood-spiked Charger
Spikor’s left “hand” is a manople. This weapon can be treated as a spiked shield for all purposes. He gains Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Manople) as a racial bonus feat, but it is not considered a natural weapon.
Fang Man
LE Dragonborn Lizardfolk
Medium humanoid (dragonblood, reptilian)
Paladin of Tyranny 2 / Ranger 1 / Dragonstalker 3 / Dragon Lord 4
NE Warforged
Medium construct (living)
Fighter 4 / Crusader 1 / Warforged Juggernaut 5
(+1 reaching valorous battlefist; Warforged Fighter substitution levels 1, 2, 4)
LE Simulacrum
Medium construct (magical) HD 8d10
CE Two-headed Half-Giant
Medium humanoid (giant, psionic) HD 2d8
Psychic Warrior 8 / Monk 2 (Tashalatora)
NE Frostfolk
Medium spirit (augmented humanoid, cold, evil) HD 4d8
Cleric of Winter 1 / Winterhaunt of Iborighu 10
LE Eternian
Warblade 12
NE Earthling
Lurk 10 / Umbral Disciple 3
Scare Glow
NE Ghost Eternian
Medium spirit (augmented humanoid, incorporeal, undead)
Zhentarim Thug Sneak Attack Fighter 5 / Ephemeral Exemplar 3 / Ghost-Faced Killer 3 / Avenging Executioner 4 / Menacing Brute 1