Work in progress

Heroic Warriors of Eternia

Prince Adam
NG Half-Eternian
Warrior 2 / Aristocrat 6
He-Man, The Most Powerful Man in the Universe
NG Half-Eternian
Barbarian 11 / Legacy Champion 6
Battle Harness
+5 Coridite Breastplate of Heavy Fortification
+6 Enhancement bonus to Str and Con
No armor check penalty or maximum dex.
Legacy Item: Sword of Power
+5 Merciful Holy Photanium Greatsword of Ray Deflection
3/day — remove fatigue
1/day — break enchantment (CL 20)
NG Awakened Tiger
Large magical beast (augmented animal) HD 8d8
Double Flaw: Scaredy-cat (Always considered Unnerved)
NG Awakened Dire Tiger
Large magical beast (augmented animal) HD 18d8
Powerful Build
Immune to fear effects
King Randor of Eternia
LG Eternian
Fighter 2 / Knight 2 / Aristocrat 7
Queen Marlena of Eternia
LG Earthling (extraplanar)
Expert 3 / Field Scientist* 1 / Dogfighter* 3 / Aristocrat 3
Orko, Court Magician and Royal Jester
CG Trollan (extraplanar)
Wizard 5 / Wild Mage 6
New feat: Fierce Wild Magic
Requirements: Arcane Caster Level 6, Wild Magic Class feature
Benefits: You must reduce your caster level by an addtional 3 for all spells you casts from now on. This reduction is cumulative with the reduction from Wild Magic, for a total caster level reduction of 6. However, every time you cast a spell, add 1d12 to your adjusted caster level, instead of 1d6.
In addition, you gain Random Deflection 1/day (as the wild mage class feature). If you already have this ability, you gain an additional daily use.
The Sorceress, Guardian of Castle Grayskull
The Sorceress
NG Half-Celestial Eternian
Medium immortal (augmented humanoid, good, native)
Ardent 10 / Guardian of Grayskull 5
Mantles: Communication, Good, Knowledge, Magic
Duncan, Man-at-Arms
NG Eternian
Knight 3 / Engineer* 9 / Battlesmith 4
Teela, Captain of the Royal Guard
LG Eternian, Celestial bloodline (major)
Swordsage 10 / Bloodline 3
Teela’s mom is the Sorceress (SPOILERS), so she has strong Celestial bloodline traits.
Ram Man, Living Battering Ram
Ram Man
LG Eternian
Fighter 10 / Dreadnought* 3
This guy rules so I’m going to give him the full treatment:
  • HD 10d10 + 3d12 + 117 (198 hp)
  • AC 29 (+3 Deflection, +13 Heavy plate +4, +1 Defense, +2 Heavy armor optimization), ACP -3
  • Attack: +22 Ram helm (1d10+10 ×2)
  • Str 18 (24), Dex 10, Con 23 (27), Int 10, Wis 8, Cha 10
  • BAB +12 / Grapple +19
  • Saves: Fort +19, Ref +7, Will +6; (Base 8/4/4)
  • Feats:
    Power attack
    Improved bull rush
    (Dungeon crasher class variant)
    Improved sunder
    Leap attack
    (Dungeon crasher class variant)
    Combat brute
    Improved toughness
    Shock trooper
    Heavy armor optimization
    Greater heavy armor optimization
  • Skills: Balance +3 (6), Intimidate +6 (6), Jump +25 (16), Extreme leap (trick), Up the hill (trick)
  • Dungeon crasher (DS): Trap smasher +4, Object breaker +10, Wall crush 8d6+21
  • SQ: DR 3/—, Fearless, Stability, Unhindered +2, Fortification
  • SA: Strength surge +8 1/day, Steamroller
  • Items:
    • Ram helm +3
    • Ring of deflection +3
    • Vest of resistance +3
    • Amulet of health +4
    • Belt of giant strength +6
    • Photanium heavy plate of fortification +4
    • Boots of striding and springing
Stratos, Winged Warrior
LG Raptoran
Medium humanoid (avian)
Rogue 4 / Swashbuckler 2 / Stormtalon 6
This interpretation of Stratos has actual wings; Raptorans are bird-like humanoids.
Mekaneck, Human Periscope
NG Bionic Eternian
Medium construct (augmented humanoid, living)
Scout 4 / Ranger 2 / Highland Stalker 5
Spinal Graft
Extend neck (Tech): Mekaneck’s artificial spine allows him to extend his neck 120 feet in any direction.
Light fortification (Ex): Mekaneck has a 25% chance to ignore precision damage (sneak attack or critical hits) due to his metallic central nervous system.
Spell resistance (Ex): Mekaneck’s bionic spine and brain stem are made of Eternal bronze, and grant SR 14 against mind-affecting magic only.
Mekaneck’s neck, when extended, has hardness 8 and 125 hitpoints.
Optical Visor
Ultravision (Tech): Mekaneck gains superior low-light vision (4× human sight range in dim light) and darkvision out to 120 feet. (Relative to his head, which may be a long distance from his body!)
Far sight (Tech): Mekaneck suffers a -1 spot penalty for every 40 feet of distance, instead of every 10.
Blindness: If his optical visor is disabled, Mekaneck is blinded.
CG Eternian
Soulfist 12
My version of Fisto has a normal fist, but at will, he can mentally project a large glowing fist of pure force onto his hand. The class is actually “Soulknife” but it’s a trivial (and well-fitting) change to make it a fist instead.
Lizard Man
NG Asabi
Medium monster (reptilian) HD 3d10
Copper Dragon Shaman 9
Moss Man
NG Woodling Eternian
Medium plant (augmented humanoid)
Ranger 4 / Fist of the Forest 3 / Forest Reeve 5
LG Awakened Effigy Eternian
Medium construct (mechanical) HD 1d10
Factotum 10
Clamp Champ
LG Eternian
Ranger 6 / Exotic Weapon Master 3 / Justiciar 4
Ranger variant: Exotic weapon combat style
  1. Combat style: Exotic weapon proficiency
  2. Improved combat style: Weapon focus
  3. (If the ranger has already selected weapon focus with his weapon of choice, he instead gains Weapon specialization.)
  4. Combat style mastery: Greater weapon focus
LG Abeil Soldier
Medium monster HD 4d10
Totemist 9
LG Eternian
Bard 5 / Master of Masks 5
LG Gar, Air Elemental bloodline (intermediate)
Crane Samurai 2 / Air Domain Wizard 5 / Bloodline 1 / Swiftblade 3
LG Bionic Etherian
Medium construct (augmented humanoid, living)
Knight 6 / Blackguard 2 / Lance of Righteousness 2 / Divine Crusader of Purification 2
Rio Blast
NG Bionic Earthling (extraplanar)
Ranger 2 / Fighter 1 / Gunslinger* 10
Melaktha, Royal Archaeologist
NG Eternian
Expert 6 / Extreme Explorer 2 / Temple Raider 2
King Miro, father of Randor
NG Eternian
Aristocrat 5 / Horizon Walker 5
Kol Darr
LG Eternian
Soulborn 7 / Knight of the Flying Hunt 5
Shadow Master
NG Awakened Effigy Advanced Pegasus
Large construct (mechanical) HD 7d10
Shadowdancer 2