[00:22] <nathan> http://bushwhacked.net/forum/attachment.php?s=&postid=35068
[00:23] <hyperbola> wtf?
[00:23] <hyperbola> what's going on in that pic
[00:24] <nathan> it's janet reno!
[00:24] <hyperbola> yeah but still
[00:24] <hyperbola> the picture is odd
[00:24] <hyperbola> the body looks like it's flying in space
[00:26] <Ralp> YUO are flyings in teh spaec!!!!1 AHAHAHAHA fag0rt
[00:26] <hyperbola> hehe
[00:27] <hyperbola> ralp, you could make NASA ashamed of themselves.
[00:27] <nathan> and you say he's smart
[00:27] <nathan> look at that comment
[00:27] <hyperbola> he's a fucking creative GENIUS
[00:27] <hyperbola> put that shit on a billboard.